We have been making picture frames for over 30 years, both for our gallery and for the general public. We make modern, contemporary and traditional frames for individuals, artists, galleries, architects, interior designers and photographers. In fact, anyone looking for quality picture frames.

• We have a department dedicated to making the finest hand gilded frames, employing traditional techniques that have been used for centuries.

• We can frame art on paper or canvas and we’ll be pleased to undertake challenging and unusual commissions.

• Our framing is carried out to conservation standards, using high quality materials.

• We can advise on the conservation and preservation of works of art, and we work with conservators and specialists who can clean or repair most pictures.

• We also have a weekly pick up from London and offer a delivery service to locations all over the world. We can also offer a hanging service for our local customers.

Goldmark Framing offers a high quality, personal service and our friendly staff are happy to discuss your requirements and to offer advice. Our experience in handling things of value, both financial and sentimental, means that we will take good care of your work, and our background in art and attention to detail will ensure that your work is framed sympathetically.

Call us on 01572 823406, email us or pop in and see us at our Uppingham workshops Monday to Saturday.

Goldmark Framing Workshop in Rutland